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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

An Indoor Performance

by The Hungry Grass Theatre Company

17th March 2024

2:30pm (doors at 2pm)

Stansted House,

Stansted Park PO9 6DU


Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s story of an epic sea journey, written in 1797, centres around the killing of a harmless sea-bird - the albatross.
The havoc wreaked by this pointless act of vandalism explodes into one of the most popular and best loved poems in the English language.
In an age that is increasingly aware of humanity’s relationship to, and dependence upon the environment, Coleridge’s ‘poem of the biosphere’ is undergoing a popular revival. And no wonder; it is a rollicking good yarn suffused with elements of the gothic and the downright ghostly… ‘an unforgettable story told in unforgettable language’.

"A tour de force by a master storyteller. Not to be missed”

“Coleridge’s epic poem is magnificently brought to life in John O’Mahony’s mesmerising account. He sets the scene, draws the characters, and takes the audience on a spell-binding journey.”

Designed and directed by Sue Hill, whose work with KneeHigh of Cornwall, WildWorks and the
Eden Project has made her something of a living legend; with music by the company. Suitable for ages 11 and older.



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