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The PROMS is back!

After years of research and planning, the Proms returned to Stansted Park on 31st August in truly spectacular fashion. We had high hopes for this event but even so, it surpassed all our expectations. The opening notes of the Battle of Britain were accompanied by a Spitfire, which swooped and dived over our heads against the backdrop of an almost unreal sunset,, for all the world as if the pilot was listening to the music.

The bar was therefore set high for the talented young graduates of the Orion Orchestra! But these brilliant musicians, conducted by Ben Ruffer, Bandmaster of the Household Cavalry, proved themselves more than up to the task.

This review from one of our spectators summed up the feeling of the audience:

"I wanted to send a huge thank you and enormous 'well done' to everyone involved with the Proms. It was the most superb evening and our group of 15, along with everyone else it seemed, loved every minute of it. I can't praise it highly enough. We've missed the event enormously since it stopped; we hope so much that it was successful enough to be held again next year. Entry to the car park and field were smooth and easy, the orchestra and tenor, Peter Auty, were superb, the fireworks amazing, toilet facilities excellent and the Spifire fly-past was the icing on the cake - incredible and so moving. The car park cleared so quickly and easily afterwards too - just praise all round. Thank you!"

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