Thursday 10th March 2022 at 7.30 pm.


Los Ladrones, a Local Vocal Quintet (est. 2013)


Musical Director: Geoff Porter            

Pianist: Nigel Smith         

Narrator: Marion Porter




Extracts from “Tom Jones” (1907)       Music by Edward German     Lyrics by Chas. H. Taylor


Tom Jones (a Foundling)                                                              Mr Simon Cooksey

Mr Allworthy (a Somersetshire Magistrate)                           Mr John Butt

Benjamin Partridge (a Village Barber)                                      Mr John Butt

Squire Western (a fine Old English Gentleman)                    Mr Michael Powell

Gregory                                                                                            Mr Michael Powell

Honour (Maid to Sophia)                                                             Mrs Irene Cooksey

Sophia (Squire Western’s Daughter)                                        Mrs Jane Marett


Extracts from “The Arcadians” (1909)             Music by Lionel Monckton & Howard Talbot

                                                                                      Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis

Simplicitas (an Arcadian)                                                             Mr John Butt

Peter Doody (a Jockey)                                                                Mr Michael Powell

Jack Meadows                                                                                 Mr Simon Cooksey

Time                                                                                                   Mr Michael Powell

Eileen Cavanaugh                                                                          Mrs Irene Cooksey

Sombra (an Arcadian)                                                                   Mrs Jane Marett









The Vocal Quintet, Los Ladrones, was formed by Geoff Porter in 2013 from members of Havant Light Opera to revive concert versions of Victorian and Edwardian British Musical Theatre and especially the lesser known works of Arthur Sullivan.


It has since performed at Stansted House, Holy Trinity Church Gosport, St.Michael’s Church Chalton, Oving Village Hall, Titchfield Parish Room, East Marden Church, Blendworth Church Centre and The Bognor Regis Music Club.


Works performed include The Contrabandista, The Zoo, Cox & Box, The Foresters and extracts from Kenilworth, The Beauty Stone, The Chieftain, On Shore and Sea and The Emerald Isle by Arthur Sullivan; Extracts from Gilbert & Sullivan; Curtain-Raisers: Cups and Saucers, Captain Billy & Mr Jericho and extracts from ‘Dorothy’ & ‘The Mountebanks’ by Alfred Cellier.

Future plans include The Spectre Knight by Alfred Cellier and The Miller & His Man by Arthur Sullivan.





Tom Jones (1907)              by Edward German                        Lyrics by Charles H. Taylor


Act 1  Song               Squire Weston        (Mike)+                     "On a Januairy morning"            

            Song               Tom                            (Simon) +                  "West Country Lad"                     

            Madrigal       (Jane, Irene, Simon, John)                       "Here's a paradox"


Act 2  Song               Partridge                  (John) +                    "A person of parts"                       

            Song               Sophia                       (Jane)                        "Dream o'Day Jill"                         

            Song               Honour                     (Irene)                      "As all the maids"                          

            Song               Tom                            (Simon) +                 "A soldier's scarlet coat”

            Song               Sophia                       (Jane)                         “Love maketh the heart”


Act 3  Song               Honour                      (Irene) +                    "The Green Ribbon"                     

            Song               Tom                            (Simon)                     “If love’s content”                         

            Song               Sophia                       (Jane)                        "For Tonight"                                 

            Trio                 (Irene, John & Mike)                                 "Says a well-worn saw"               

            Chorus           Company                                                      “Hark! The merry marriage bells”                                                               






The Arcadians (1909)       by Lionel Monckton & H.Talbot             Lyrics by A. Wimperis


Act 1  Chorus           Company                                                      "Arcadians are we"                       

            Song               Time                           (Mike +)                    "Since the days"                            

            Song               Sombra                     (Jane)                         "The Pipes of Pan"                        

            Song               Simplicitas                (John+)                     "Sweet Simplicitas"                       


Act 2  Song               Eileen                         (Irene+)                     "The Girl with a Brogue"             

            Song               Sombra                     (Jane)                         "Arcady is ever young"                

            Song               Simplicitas                (John)                       "Somewhere"                                

            Duet               Eileen/Jack               (I & Si)                       "Charming weather"                   


Act 3  Song               Simplicitas                (John+)                      "All Down Piccadilly"                    

            Duet               Eileen/Jack               (I & Si)                       "Half-past Two"                             

            Song               Doody                        (Mike)                        "My Motter"                                   

            Song               Sombra                     (Jane)                        “Light is My Heart”                       

            Chorus           Company                                                      "All Down Piccadilly"                    

MAY 2022_edited.jpg

First Half


Pieces by 3 composers in the second half of the C19th 

Hubert Parry: 2nd movement from Violin Sonata in D major

Ignacy Jan Paderewski: Melodie Op.16-2

Gabriel Faure: Sicilienne Op.78


Schubert's music and influences by composers in previous generations

Franz Schubert: 1st movement from Violin Sonata No.1 Op.137

Maria Theresia von Paradis (arranged by Samuel Dushkin): Sicilienne

Christoph Willibald Gluck: ""Melodie"" from ""Orfeo and Euridice"


Fumi Otsuki: Piano Sonatina No.1 (The 1st theme is the variation of "The Lark Ascending" while the 2nd theme is the variation of one of the Japanese folk song, "Soran-bushi" by fishermen, and I placed 2 development sections, one in Andante and the other one in Allegrofor one movement sonatina in 3 sections.)


Hills in Gloucestershire and seaside in Yorkshire

Herbert Howells: Pastorale Op.28-1

Ralph Vaughan Williams: No.2 ""Spurn Point" from "6 Studies in English folksong"


Claude Debussy (arranged by Gaston Choisnel): En Bateau

Jules Massnet: "Meditation" from Thais




Second Half


Hubert Parry: 1st movement from Violin Sonata in D major

Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Lark Ascending

Frederick Delius: 3rd movement from Violin Sonata No.3

Edvard Grieg: 2nd movement from Violin Sonata No.1 Op.8

Claude Debussy:(arranged by Leon Roques): La plus que lente L 121

Ralph Vaughan Williams: No.1 'Lovely on the water" and No.3 "Van Diemen's Land" from "6 Studies in English folksong"


Fumi Otsuki was born in Sendai, Japan, and studied the violin with Gerhard Bosee and Masayoshi Kumai there, and Shizuko Ishii in Tokyo.  He then moved to the U.K. to study violin with Jill Thoday, piano with Antonietta Notariello and composition with Nigel Clarke at The Royal Academy of Music, and then violin with Kun Hu and piano with Raymond Banning at Trinity College of Music in London.  Further to this he has attended masterclasses in Dartington and Couchevel/private violin lessons in London with Jean-Jacques Kantorow, Tomotada Soh, Sigrun Edvaldsdottir, Andrea Jacobs-Gajic and Winifred Roberts.


He has given many concerts at cathedrals and churches, including the cathedrals of Southwark in London, Guildford, Portsmouth, Leicester and Newport, St Pewter in St Albans, Holy Trinity in Stratford-Upon-Avon, St Nicholas and Unitarian in Brighton, St Mary’s in Portchester and of course Holy Trinity in Gosport!



Sarah graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire in 2001 with a first class degree in piano. She was particularly recognised for her skills as an accompanist and has worked extensively with singers and instrumentalists all over the world in both classical music, and also musical theatre and the pop world. Venues she has appeared at include The Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Barbican and also at The Brighton Theatre Royal accompanying cabaret artist Meow Meow.  She has also performed on cruise ships for Cunard and P &O with a flute player for several years.




A Light Exists in Spring: Violin and Piano


Fumi Otsuki accompanied by Sarah Kershaw

Tickets £15 (including interval refreshments). Friends of Stansted Park £10 from


Stansted House

PO9 6DX 


To book call: 023 9241 2265 and select option 4


Charity No. 1101251