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I would like to say a big thank you to you and all the stewards who made our visit to Stansted so enjoyable last Monday. The house is wonderful - what an amazing place - and the room stewards were very helpful and most interesting. Their knowledge and enthusiasm painted a vivid picture for us of the history of Stansted. Going down the stairs into the servants' rooms from the grandeur of the family rooms provided a graphic example of the contrast between life upstairs and downstairs. One can well imagine the constant bustle and busyness of the servants quarters, but generally a happy place to work I would think. I can think of no other big house I have visited which has such a complete and extensive collection of furnished rooms and artefacts below stairs. I visited the house many years ago with relatives, but that was rather a rushed job and not enough time to fully appreciate all the delights of the house itself, and the unique and lovely chapel. Thanks to the steward there, too, who was most interesting and greatly enhanced our visit.


The whole day was a delight from start to finish - thanks to the delicious coffee and cake and very efficient staff in the Pavilion Tearoom, and the other attractions on offer. We were so lucky to have some sunshine, defying the weather forecast, so were able to eat our lunch outdoors and stroll in the beautiful arboretum. Those immense cedars of Lebanon are awesome! 


I will certainly revisit and hope to bring my family next year if they are down this way. I have had really good feedback from other Society members who loved the visit and I think many of them will be back again.  


So thank you once again and I hope Stansted will pull in more visitors as it is really unique and very special.

Petworth Society

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