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Family Murder Mystery
at Stansted Park
1830 - 1945

Do you have any budding sleuths in the family? A little Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes or even Hercule Poirot? Why not challenge them to solve the Stansted Murder Mystery.

On arrival there will be lashing of tea, biscuits and ginger beer. This is your opportunity to meet the suspects. When the host does not appear you will have one hour to speak to the suspects - explore the house and see if you can work out what happened to the host. Then with everyone assembled in the Servants Hall you will then have a chance to voice your theories.

You will be tasked to interrogate the suspects in the magnificent setting of Stansted House and find out which of the guests, or servants, could be capable of murder. Use your best sleuthing skills to piece together the trail of clues as you make your way around the House.

This is a unique way to explore the house by twilight and a great family escape room puzzle on the scale of a Country House.

We encourage everyone to dress for the occasion - why not come dressed as your favourite Detective? There will be a special prize for the best detective.

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