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It is Halloween and four mysterious strangers have arrived at Stansted House.


As soon as the sun has set they invite you into the Hall to recount tales of ghostly encounters and stories of dark intrigue. But as these tales are told atmospherically by candlelight, you realise that things are not quite as they seem.


Do the strangers have something to hide? When they suggest that you follow them into the dark recesses of the house… do you dare follow them?


Join us this Halloween to find out what is hiding downstairs at Stansted House.


This event is a theatrical scare tour of the House which lasts one hour and will involve moving around the house in low-level light conditions. We advise that this event is NOT suitable for children and would recommend 16yrs and older.


Friday 28th October

Saturday 29th October

Times 7.30 to 9.30pm with hour long tours running every half an hour.


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