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The fair, rich and virtuous Portia, of Belmont has attracted many would-be suitors. Among these is Bassanio, a young Venetian gentlemen with a penchant for spending. Decidedly skint and unable to fund his trip to woo Portia, Bassanio approaches his good friend Antonio for a loan. A wealthy merchant Antonio often provides financial assistance to his dear friend, however the majority of his funds are tied up in his ships at sea.

Shylock, the miserly Jew, seems to provide the answer to Bassanio’s plight. After some consideration Shylock begrudgingly agrees to an interest free loan, on one condition. If the loan is not repaid in full on the date agreed Shylock may take a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Between Bassanio romancing Portia and Shylock’s daughter Jessica eloping with the christian Lorenzo, There are many twists and turns to this classic Shakespearean tale.


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